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SilkAir partners with Child’s Dream Foundation to build a future for children in the sub-Mekong Region.

Co-founders of Child’s Dream Foundation Daniel Siegfried, Marc Jenni, and SilkAir's Chief Executive Mr Leslie Thng and Vice President Commercial Mr Ryan Pua sealing the collaboration.

Co-founders of Child’s Dream Foundation Daniel Siegfried, Marc Jenni, and SilkAir’s Chief Executive Mr Leslie Thng and Vice President Commercial Mr Ryan Pua sealing the collaboration.

From January 2015, SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, is adopting Child’s Dream Foundation.

Commenting on the partnership, Thng said: “As the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, we believe that we have a duty to stimulate positive change within the region. It has always been SilkAir’s goal to reach out to the communities in the Southeast Asian destinations we serve and we are thrilled to be able to support the good work of Child’s Dream. We share their vision in nurturing and empowering the children and youth of these communities and to give them the opportunity to shape their own future and the future of their community,” commented Leslie Thng on the partnership. Thng is the Chief Executive of SilkAir.

The charitable, not-for-profit organization is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is dedicated to empowering marginalised children and youth in the Mekong Sub-Region, including Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

Focusing on improving the educational and health situation for children and youth, Child’s Dream Foundation is committed to identifying the most needy beneficiaries and implementing projects that serve their needs in the most efficient and effective way.

SilkAir’s Chief Executive, Leslie Thng, and Co-Founder of Child’s Dream Foundation, Marc Jenni, officially sealed the three-year collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding at a signing ceremony held today at Child’s Dream headquarters in Chiang Mai.

Thng said that SilkAir recognised the importance of a robust education and health programme and thus, besides supporting them through providing tickets and cargo, the company also hoped to spread awareness and inspire more people to support the work of Child’s Dream and to be the catalyst of change that these communities needed.

“We are not just excited to have been chosen to be SilkAir’s charity partner for the coming three years but we are also very proud to have gained the trust of such a highly reputable travel partner in the industry. Furthermore, Singapore is an important and growing fundraising market for us and having SilkAir at our side, will help us to keep our administration cost under control. We look very much forward to this partnership for the benefit of many more children, youth and communities in the countries we share,” said Marc Jenni, Co-founder of Child’s Dream Foundation.

Under the three year partnership, SilkAir will offer a range of support, including tickets for Child’s Dream staff for work-related travel between various SilkAir points.

In addition, free cargo allowance will be extended for the transportation of donations made to the beneficiaries.

This will help the foundation reduce its operating costs and allow funds to be channeled to the organization’s core work – its projects that support marginalized children.

To achieve the most powerful impact, SilkAir aims to integrate the company’s charitable initiatives with its existing platforms.

For instance, to help raise awareness of Child’s Dream, SilkAir will highlight the NGO’s work and projects in Silkwinds, the Airline’s inflight magazine as well as on its various social media platforms.