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Taipei2016Dec: First stop after checking into hotel – Ah Zhong noodles.

The taxi driver had recommended it, the tourist map recommends it, and it’s a stone’s throw from where we stay in 西门町.

So we took a stroll there in the drizzle, and despite the drizzle, the queue snaked down the street!

Originally a roadside cart in 1975, 阿宗面线 is now a chain with branches in China as well.

We patronised the original shop in the bustling 西门町.

The shop does not provide seating, so either you stand around in the streets eating the noodles (which adds to the crowd), or you take away back to your hotel or home to eat.

The shop front is simple – it’s like a factory production line. One guy takes the order and the cash while the scooper scoops ladles of the noodle cum thick gravy into a paper cup.

The noodles were rather tasty but unremarkable.

What impressed me was that the noodles didn’t clump together and become pasty.

But that steaming bowl of mianxian was certainly a godsend in a cold rainy night in a Taipei winter – for the ravished traveller that’s just arrived in the city.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 5DsR with Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens.