#ttmSingapore: Visited “Century of Light – Between Worlds: Raden Saleh (who painted the above painting) & Juan Luna”. 16 Nov 2017 till 11 Mar 2018 @NationalGallerySingapore.

Explore the extraordinary life stories of two artists who are considered national heroes in their home countries––Indonesian painter Raden Saleh (c.1811–1880) and Filipino painter Juan Luna (1857–1899). Drawing from important collections around the world, this landmark exhibition brings together more than 80 of their works for the first time.
Between Worlds takes you through significant chapters of each artist’s journey, uncovering parallels and differences in their experiences, from their emergence as artists in Java and the Philippines; to their subsequent training and participation in artistic and social circles in Europe; and their later return to Southeast Asia.
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